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We are currently looking for other supplement, workout, and fitness related websites that we want to recommend to our website visitors. Although we think we are the best review site for finding out where to Buy Supplements Online, we know that our visitors may be looking for other similar websites, so we have decided to put together a list of the best sites online related to the general fitness topic. Check out the websites we have listed below (they all open up in a new window) and make sure you bookmark our homepage so you can always find our site!

Online Supplement Stores: – The all around ultimate fitness and bodybuilding website. Check out their forum and of course purchase your supplements in their store. Some people don’t like the site because they are overwhelmed when visiting the different areas, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like their supplement store. – Not only a great supplement site, Muscle and Strength also have some great training related articles.  You will find information on training, exercises, supplements, diet and nutrition, fat loss, mind and motivation, contest prep, and a lot more.  They also have some handy workout tools, including a 1 Rep Max calculator.

Training Resources:

Joe Defranco Training – A very interesting sports training related blog. You will find lots of great tips that are not only for athletes, but any meathead that loves working out. Joe will even recommend supplements in some of his posts, and we have gained a lot of knowledge from reading his blog over the years.

Workout Tips – A workout blog from own of our team members.  Although it is titled “workout tips” Kevin blogs about anything workout or fitness related.  His posts are too scientific, but more of ramblings from someone who loves to train and help others learn how to train effectively.

T-Nation – If you are a hardcore weightlifter or bodybuilder you will fit in perfectly here.  T-Nation is known for their great in-depth training articles, and also a very helpful forum.  Don’t post any dumb questions in the forum, but if you have a legit question you will get help from some very knowledgeable trainers, body builders, or workout enthusiasts.

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