Vitargo S2 Review

I have decided to do a completely non bias review on the product Vitargo S2 released by the company GENR8.

Vitargo is by far my favourite pure-carb product I have ever tried in my history in this industry for many reasons. I will try to be as helpful and informative as I can throughout my review but if I have missed anything please leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you have any questions.

Vitargo S2 Rating

Overall, I give Vitargo S2 a 10/10.

Vitargo receives a 10 because as far as pure carbohydrate products go, it is in the top of its class.

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You can buy Vitargo S2 online for a lot cheaper than you will find it in the stores!

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“So what is Vitargo S2?”

Vitargo is an incredibly fast absorbing pure carbohydrate product designed for pre, intra or post workout use depending on the macros of your diet and your overall training goals. This university proven product was shown to be superior to maltodextrin + sugars on a few different levels. It’s 100% sugar free and delivers proven faster gut transit, glycemic and insulin response and glycogen refuelling.

  • Leaves the stomach 130% faster than maltodextrin + sugars in the first 10 minutes after ingestion
  • Gets into the muscle 68% faster for glycogen replenishment when compared to maltodextrin + sugars
  • 178% greater insulin response than maltodextrin + sugars within the first 10 minutes after ingestion

As we all know when wanting to put on some lean mass we need to incorporate carbohydrates and protein into our post-workout routine. The studies results show real promise for the “fractionated barley amylopectin” carb source found in Vitargo S2.

I currently take and have used this product in my post-workout regime for a long time now due to it’s effectiveness. It does not sit in my stomach AT ALL after ingestion. I have used pure dextrose along with many other carb sources in my post-workout routine and none have compared to the feeling of Vitargo S2. I feel like I could go eat a meal immediately after ingestion whereas pure dextrose sits in my stomach a lot heavier and I couldn’t eat if I tried. But aside from the studies results, the no sit in my stomach feeling, one of the main reasons I go with Vitargo time and time again is the “brought back to life” feeling. By the end of my training sessions I am exhausted and ready to relax. Once I have Vitargo it is one of the only products ever to give me the feeling like I am coming back to life so quickly.

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Vitargo S2 Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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