Vengeance Review

I will be doing a 100% non-bias review on the product Vengeance released from the company Xtreme Formulations.

Now a lot of pre-workout products on the market today should only be looked at in terms of energy and pump, and not so much for muscle building. This is one of the few pre-workout products on the market I believe to be a true muscle builder. I will try to be as helpful and informative as I can throughout my review but if I have missed anything please leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you have any questions.

Vengeance rating

Overall, I give Vengeance a 10/10

When comparing label to label there isn’t a stimulated pre-workout in existence that matches up to its profile from any angle. The great taste and mix ability just seal the deal. Thumbs up from !

Where To Buy Vengeance Online

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“So what is Vengeance?”

Vengeance is a lightly stimulated pre-workout product designed to enhance performance through many different pathways. Every ingredient in this product is what an educated athlete and/or trainer would want before they hit the gym. Offering officious doses of every ingredient seen in the profile makes it a no-brainer for anybody, no matter what your current goal or training level is.

From a muscle building stand point you have the whey hydroslate, BCAA’s, creatine monohydrate, the patented creatine magnesium chelate, Di-creatine malate and perhaps the most unique ingredient is the patented Arachidonic Acid. The combination of these ingredients and the full doses that the product provides is a huge leap in pre-workout formulation. For those who are unfamiliar with the Arachidonic Acid it is a clinically proven fatty acid that improves the muscles reactivity to resistance training once fully saturated. By doing this you are enhancing and speeding up what resistance training already provides, increase strength, increase muscle hypertrophy and even an increase rate of fatloss.

From an endurance and muscle pump/nitric oxide perspective you have the beta-alanine, citruline malate, pomegranate extract, the added carbohydrates, betaine anhydrous, cordyceps and caffeine. The combination of these ingredients once muscle saturation has been met will increase your muscle pumps, increase blood flow to working muscles during exercise and delay the onset of lactic acid/hydrogen ion formation in the muscle.

Now I always like to compare products on the market so you can decide if it is the best fit for you or not. With Vengeance there is no comparison, the only other product I believe to be as high quality pre-workout as Vengeance is Ultima but Ultima is completely stimulant-free so it is in a different category in my opinion.

I personally take Vengeance every single day. Once taken everyday you cover your creatine and beta-alanine needs very simply along with a bunch of other benefits as well. The cool thing about Vegeance what sets it apart from the other pre-workouts is Vengeance actually gets better with time as opposed to worse. This is because of the Arachidonic Acid reaching full saturation of the muscle. You will see better pumps weekly as opposed to your body becoming immune to the formula.

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