SD Pharmaceuticals Green Tea Extract Review

green-teaSD Pharmaceuticals Green Tea Extract, or also labelled as EGCG, will be up for review today. Green tea is a product that has been around forever but is starting to make a little more noise due to it’s relatively unknown anti-estrogen activity.

Anti-estrogen plus known weight management ability makes for a cost effective, physiologically effective product. I will try to be as helpful and informative as I can throughout the review but if I have missed anything or if you have any comments please them some at the bottom of the page.


With pure product quality you can’t go wrong with SD Pharmaceuticals. If it’s the ingredient you are after, SD will bring the purity.


Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a catechin and flavanol found in green teas.

It has been researched for a wide range of applications, including decreasing the rish of UV-induced skin damage, inhibiting cancer growth, and reducing mitochondrial oxidative stress (anti aging).

Although much of our readers aren’t interested in that, they are more interested in the two researched reasons in relation to body composition.

1. Much like ALA, EGCG increases GLUT-4 activation recruitment towards the muscle cell. Of equal interest, it inhibits GLUT-4 recruitment in the fat cells. In other words, it inhibits the storage of excess carbohydrates as body fat and preferentially diverts them to muscle cells.

2. EGCG appears to increase programmed cell death (apoptosis) in mature fat cells. This means that these hard-to-kill bastards commit suicide. The ease with which people regain fat is due to a certain “fat memory” (the size of the fat cells decreases, but not the number), which makes EGCG a fascinating candidate for preventing the horrible rebounding most dieters experience.

Human studies have shown some potential for fat loss with as little as 150mg of ECGC, but I recommend targeting a minimum of 900mg per day. Results seem to steeply incline inbetween the 900 – 1,100mg per day for the 150 – 200lbs clientele I have worked with. Always opt for decaffeinated versions (such as SD Pharmaceuticals) or else you will be zipping all day long and will eventually do a number on your adrenal glands.

If you are undergoing any type of prescription medication, always consult with your doctor before using green tea as it can amplify the effect of some drugs, such as the estrogen antagonist drug Nolvadex, or also known as Tamoxifen. To some bodybuilders using this compound this could be a bonus, but watch your good cholesterol when combining the two, it can drop like a stone.

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