Magnum Nutraceuticals Rocket Science Review

Lucky for me I had the opportunity to try out an awesome new product that will be coming out soon from Magnum Nutraceuticals called Rocket Science. Rocket Science is an encapsulated pre-workout product designed to give you energy, drive and focus. Although I will have you know that since it is still an unreleased product, I will not be sharing the ingredient profile. I will be reviewing my experiences and thoughts on the product as a whole. I will try to be as helpful as I can but if you have any questions or comments please let me know at the bottom of the page.


Rocket Science gave me the exact type of energy that I love to have pre-workout and the type of energy that I recommend my clients seek when they are purchasing pre-workout products which is:

High energy, but not too high to cause over-excitement / jitters
High focus / drive / mental energy (this one is most important to me in terms of stimulation)
No crash
No appetite suppression
No sleep disruption


Sometimes I like my job, and sometimes I love my job.

When I get products sent to me the calibre of Rocket Science, I love my job.

Real easy for me to review this one for you guys. I have taken an untold amount of pre-workouts in my training days. I have been training since I was about 14 – 15 ish years old and have always loved trying out a new pre-workout, I mean who doesn’t?

Over the years I have taken enough to the point where I classify them in different categories and will pick a product based on how I feel that day. Pre-workouts are usually in one of these categories, and sometimes good ones can make it into two or three of them.

#1 : High physical energy – Lots of physical energy that has you bouncing around (Ex. 1MR, the old formula of Jack3d, etc)

#2 : High mental / brain energy – Very focused, motivated, strong mind-muscle connection and long term sustainable energy. (Ex. Animal RAGE, Driven sports CRAZE, etc)

#3 : Pump style pre-workout – Mainly based on skeletal muscle pump as opposed to an emphasis on energy (Ex. SuperPump MAX, NO3 Chrome, etc)

When it comes to Rocket Science, they have an awesome combination of #1 and #2. Very high energy but not too much that it takes away from the focus / mental energy. Being a currently competitive bodybuilder and future competitive power lifter come this November, I 100% prefer the mental energy aspect of any type of pre-workout product and have found with myself, and my clientele that the workouts are overall much more effective when focused as opposed to running around the gym like a chimpanzee.

The elevated heart rate of the over-stimulated pre-workout products more often than not leads to less body-awareness, decreased mind muscle connection followed by a crash post-workout.

With Rocket Science I took it today with my repetition effort bench press day (apart of a spin off the West side barbell conjugate method) which was the perfect day to put it to the test and it delivered. I had a tremendous amount of neural drive. I was actually training a client and had a ½ hour left when I popped the 3 caps (3 caps is a full serving, so a super-convenient product to take I might add) and 15 minutes down the road during our session I was ready to be done our session so I could get under the bar. The encapsulation of the product allows it to act fast as opposed to a inferior compressed tablet.

One aspect of the Rocket Science formula is also its versatility. Because it dominates categories #1 and #2 of my listed pre-workout effects, the formula allows you to stack it with essentially any non-stim product you want. Magnum OPUS, iForce Plasmavol, Cellucor NO3 Chrome all immediately come to mind. Stacking it with any of those product would cover all three categories and send you to the gym ready to rock.

Overall, not one bad thing I can say about Rocket Science. Anybody looking to step outside of their “Usual’s” when it comes to pre’s should give this one a shot. I’ve taken a million so it’s tough for me to step outside of my comfort zone and “risk” having a less than optimal session with a new pre-workout but with Rocket Science I killed my session today.

Two thumbs up.

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