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First off I would like to thank Cellucor for sending me the brand new M5 Extreme to review on our site. It means a lot to us and not many companies are generous enough to offer such a service. Thank you!

I will be reviewing my experiences, opinions and thoughts on the new pre-workout powerhouse M5 Extreme released from the company Cellucor. This is yet another addition on my very short list of pre-workouts that truly provide muscle building results. M5 Extreme hits muscle growth and development from many angles that makes an ideal pre-workout formulation as opposed to your average caffeine filled concentrate.

M5 Extreme Rating

Overall, I give M5 Extreme a 10/10.

The versatility that Cellucor provides with the stimulant/muscle building split canister makes it perfect for anybody’s stimulant tolerance and overall pre-workout nutrition regime. That versatility in addition to its up to date, innovative supplementation formula makes it a 10. Trust me if you give this a shot, you won’t regret it.

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So what is M5 Extreme?

M5 Extreme one of the first, if not the first of it’s kind. I’ve been in the supplement and fitness business a long time and I have never seen a pre-workout formulation broken into two separate compartments in the same canister. A great idea from Cellucor to open up a much larger market offering customizable stimulant settings for consumers as opposed to the standard “You take one scoop of this and this is what you get”.

The top twists off and in the top is all of the stimulant compounds as well as a healthy dose of Beta Alanine. Energy, focus and drive comes in the formulation of caffeine, beta alanine, n-acetyl l-tyrosine, mucuna pruriens, rauwolscine HCL and various B-vitamins.

In the bottom compartment is where M5 Extreme really earned its 10/10. In a fantastic, NON PROPRIETARY BLEND we get 3g of Leucine to kickstart the muscles in an anabolic environment while promoting increase recovery and protein synthesis. 3g of creatine magnesium chelate to support strength and ATP concentrations within the muscle cells. 2g of creatine nitrate is a newer compound being utilized by companies due to its ability to provide nitric oxide benefits, skeletal muscle pumps while providing the benefits of creatine as well. 2g of beta alanine in addition to the 500mg you get per scoop in the stimulant portion. So if you take 2 scoops of stimulant powder plus 1 muscle building scoop you get a full 3g of beta alanine! More than enough to cover your daily needs and an efficacious enough dose to offer fatigue resistant lactic acid buffering benefits. 2g of arginine AKG and 1g of citruline malate to promote vasodilation which increases nutrient delivery to the muscle as well as the removal of bi-products from the muscle. 1g of betaine hcl to aid in lipid oxidation for energy use as well as hydration of the muscle cell enhancing the effect of the creatine present in the blend. Last but not lease, 200mg of grape seed extract to aid in nitric oxide production and is also unique in the way that it is an anti-oxidant as well that can help fight free radicals created in the body as a result of intense exercise and nitric oxide production.

As you can see Cellucor formulated this product well and not only did they use the right ingredients, but they generously dosed them, hence the non-prop blend. It is tough to compare this product to others on the market because it really is one of the first of its kind. But what I can tell you is that in my opinion it is up there with the pre-wokrout muscle building giants such as Omega Sports Ultima and Xtreme Formulations Vengeance. M5 Extreme is a great product in formulation and taste. I personally have a bottle of the cherry limeade and it mixes up with zero issues and tastes great. I like to mix it with 16oz of water just because I enjoy a more light tasting drink and lots of liquid pre-workout but if you wanted a sweeter taste I’d suggest bumping it down to around 10-12oz.

This product is super easy to offer any type of client due to its versatility. If I’m working out in the morning I can do two scoops stimulant 1 scoop muscle building. If I’m working out at night I can do 1 scoop stimulant 1 scoop muscle building, or if I’m working out really late or if I am already running a stimulant product such as a fat burner I can run the muscle building portion by itself. It fits anybody’s schedule and tolerance for pre-workouts while packing a big punch in the muscle building and performance enhancing category.

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