ISO-100 Review

I have decided to do a completely non bias review on the product ISO-100 released by the company Dymatize Nutrition.

ISO-100 is what I throw almost all of my clients due to its quality, purity, bioavailability and overall good taste for an isolate. I will try to be as helpful and informative as I can throughout my review but if I have missed anything please leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you have any questions.

ISO-100 Rating

Overall, I give ISO-100 a 10/10.

That’s the first 10/10 I have ever given and no better product to give it to than ISO-100. Most isolates taste is very bland and “watery” due to it being so filtered out but Dymatize somehow made ISO-100 my favorite tasting isolate as well. Great taste, mix ability, versatility and quality.

Buy ISO-100 Online

You can buy ISO-100 online for a lot cheaper than you will find it in the stores!

Top Supplement Site For ISO-100:

#1 – – Price for 5 lbs= $54.99 (Retails for $84.95)
#2 – – Price for 5 lbs = $57.99 (Retails for $84.95)

“So what is ISO-100?”

ISO-100 is a fast digesting protein and can be used at any time of the day but is very versatile in the sense that it is best used post-workout. Now when you go to any online site or supplement store you will find dozens of Whey Isolate products and many just go with the cheapest one at the time because “A whey isolate is a whey isolate”. That is true to some extent, but what sets ISO-100 apart from the pack is that it is 100% hydrolyzed.

What hydrolyzed means is that it is coming pre-digested. Already broken down by digestive enzymes making it much easier for your body to digest. Much easier digestion leads to no bloat in the stomach, more bio-available for your body to absorb the protein, as well as quicker absorption so you can kick-start your recovery post-workout with a faster, and overall better protein source.

Dymatize nutrition puts ISO-100 through a very thorough filtration process leaving it 86% pure protein per scoop. Every scoop of ISO-100 is fat free, lactose free and gluten free for the fastest and friendliest of digestion. Only equaling 106 calories per scoop makes it suitable post workout or anytime of the day nutrition for a cutting phase or with the manual addition of some carbohydrates a solid muscle building phase.

I have been running ISO-100 for years now and so have many of my clients, friends and colleagues. The quality of this product speaks for itself but it has been tested and proven on the battlefield as well.

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ISO-100 Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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2 Responses to ISO-100 Review

  1. matt hurst says:

    sweet review

  2. Laura Passmore says:

    I LOVE ISO-100, I use it after ever weight lifting training session. Since I introduced it into my stacks I’ve felt so much better. I couldn’t imagine not using it now.
    Chocolate is bomb btw!

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