Hydro Whey Review

hydro whey imageOptimum Nutrition’s Hydro Whey will be broken down and reviewed in this addition to the buysupplementsonline.org review section. Hydro Whey is a phenomenal protein ideal multiple situations regarding nutritional timing, muscle gain, fat loss, great quality and overall respectable formula. I will try to be as helpful as I can discussing this protein product but if I have missed anything or if you have tried it yourself and want to leave your review below please do so!


Arguably the best isolate in existence. I ran it throughout my entire bodybuilding pre-contest system and have since continued to do so on my rebound mass up plan. Tastes great too!


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Let me start out by saying Hydro Whey is a fantastic product. It takes a lot for me to actually pull the trigger and give a product a 10/10. Hydro Whey is a true ten. Offering 30g pure hydrolyzed isolates, 8.8g BCAA’s and 15.5g total EAA’s all in one scoop while only having 1g fat and 2g carbohydrates is ridiculous. Very lean, fast absorbing and effective product. I like the fact that it is a very lean product that offers a heavy anabolic hit because the additional calories in most protein products are crap. I would far rather for myself, for my clients, and for anybody reading this have them receive the bulk of their calories from food sources, not powder. I am always on the hunt for lean and clean products because of the versatility and less toxicity they offer.

Versatility in the sense that if I want a gainer out of it, I can blend it with oats, spinach, almonds, whole milk, etc. Or if I want to keep it lean, just mix it with water and enjoy.

Also less toxicity in the sense that many weight gainers will include corn syrup solids and a whole host of ingredients I don’t want being thrown into my system. If you want to gain muscle and gain weight, eat solid food. The quality and length of gastric clearance will have not only a more healthy effect on your system, but also a more cosmetic benefit towards your physique goals.

Hydro Whey is best run utilizing peak growth hormone level opportunities. Hydrolyzed does this much more effectively than any other protein source due to its ability to rapidly absorb into the system. This method of utilizing hydrolyzed proteins was made popular at a seminar in Ireland featuring IFFB pro Kai Greene and his legendary trainer George Farah. George uses razor sharp basic logic stating the fact that growth hormone levels peak twice a day, first thing in the morning and immediately post-workout but the moment you introduced carbohydrates into the system the growth hormone levels drop drastically. So, using 1-2 scoops mixed with water immediately upon waking and 1-2 scoops mixed with water immediately post workout we can more effectively utilized HGH to breakdown and synthesize protein into the muscle cell. Waiting atleast 20-30 minutes post ingestion to have your breakfast and post-workout meal. I love this protocol and am stacking both opportunities with SD Pharmaceuticals creatine HCL pills. The shake and pills are prepared and consumed in less than 2 minutes, it’s killer.

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