Creatine HCL Review

SD Pharmaceuticals creatine HCL pill form and Powder are up for review today. Creatine HCL is really an “umbrella” creatine product the fit’s the needs of any of the populations desires in a creatine product. I will try to be as helpful and informative as I can throughout the review but if I have missed anything please leave a comment below.


You really can’t go wrong. SD pharmaceuticals has created a pill and powder version for the individual convenience of the buyer and the formula is a no-nonsense creatine product at a fair price. Easily be a staple in anybody’s gym bag.


SD Pharmaceuticals creatine HCL is a creatine product adequately dosed to enhance the bodies intramuscular phosphocreatine levels allowing for more ATP to be produced and therefore exerted in short, intense bouts of energy where oxygen demands can not meet up with ATP production. With greater phosphocreatine storage, we can exert more energy in a short term bout then had we had lower levels of intramuscular creatine levels, hence the quick strength gains people receive with short term use of any form of creatine.

What sets creatine HCL out from the standard monohydrate version is it’s ability to be absorbed without a water retention effect happening as a bi-product digestion. This is a bonus for most users. Working in a supplement shop myself for 3 and a half years, one of the most asked questions about creatine was “But aren’t I going to gain a bunch of water weight?”. Kind of a silly question, in my experience 90% of the population did not gain any drastic amount of water weight with monohydrate, only those genetically pre-disposed to gaining water weight were more susceptible to the initial weight gain. Talk of crazy water weight is more something you hear in a gym locker room or on an online forum, both of which, more often then not being awful resources for information.

But we can skip all the water talk in regards to HCL anyways. Myself and clients of mine both have run 2-3g of creatine HCL everyday (more than enough for intramuscular saturation) and haven’t sacrificed any definition or vascularity while still receiving the muscle hardness and strength gain.

Aside from the benefits of creatine HCL itself, the convenience and purity in which SD Pharmaceuticals brings is 2nd to none. I personally have ran both the pilled and powdered version with equal success. The powdered version also being delicious and easy to mix. I’d recommend anywhere from 1.5g – 3g perday taken everyday, pre-workout on training days and with breakfast on non-training days. With, or without food, won’t matter.

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