Protein Powder

Protein powder is a basic dietary supplement that should be taken by everyone. Like any other type of protein found in whole foods, protein supplements are made of amino acids. When the protein is digested in your stomach it is then broken down into its original building blocks, amino acids, and absorbed into your muscular system as amino acids. The amount of progress you make in the gym, whether it be the amounts of muscle mass you gain, or the amount of weight you’re pushing, can be directly linked to the amount of protein intake you have throughout the day.

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General Protein Powder Information

Buy Protein PowderWhey protein is the most common type of protein powder, but there are other options. In any given supplement store you’ll find protein powders such as soy, casein, egg or hydrolized. Whey protein is the basic standard of protein. Whey protein is considered the purest protein available, made from the milk of cows. In a pure Whey Isolate you will receive an abundance of amino acids including BCAAs, while also having low contents of fat, lactose and cholesterol. Whey protein is ideal for before and after workouts due to its faster rate of digestion and absorption. Soy protein is a popular alternative for vegetarians or anyone who is lactose intolerant, as it is made from soy beans. Soy protein is usually fat free, lactose free and cholesterol free. Casein protein is a slow absorption protein that contains higher levels of glutamine which is very useful for repairing muscle tissue and improving the immune system, casein also contains anti-catabolic properties. Since casein protein is digested slowly, it is good to take before bed or if you have a long gap between meals. Egg protein is absorbed slower than whey protein but faster than casein protein. Though it’s arguable that you’re better off just cooking up some eggs than taking egg protein, due to the biological value of real eggs (yolk included), it has next to no carbohydrates or fat and is low in calories. Good for anyone trying to keep their diet really clean.

Also you will find lots of blends, usually whey protein mixed with other beneficial vitamins or minerals. Protein powder is a supplement and should be used as a supplement not a replacement for meals. Other benefits of protein supplementation include increased production of red blood cells, improved immune system, along with healthy hair and skin. The average protein intake for guys trying to pack on some muscle is about 1.5 – 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, although this varies greatly between athletes, bodybuilders and power lifters based on personal goals and body mass. Some more commited and serious athletes will take anywhere from 3-4 grams per pound of bodyweight.

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