Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning it is found in the body naturally without any supplementation. Glutamine is actually the most abundant free amino acid in the body, found primarily in the body’s skeletal system, this is where the body synthesises and stores it. Other places glutamine is stored and synthesized include the liver, the brain, lungs, kidneys and intestinal lining. In fact natural glutamine levels rank about three to four times higher than other amino acid levels.

A few natural dietary sources of glutamine include beans, chicken, fish, beef, and various dairy products including milk and cheese. Generally, most whey protein supplements will have a few grams of glutamine per serving too. Glutamine is popular mostly due to its anti catabolic effects. Glutamine won’t directly make you bigger, stronger, promote ATP or anything like that. What it does do quite well is prevent muscle breakdown and help you keep all the muscle you are building. Supplementation of glutamine is good for those trying to pack on muscle or those trying to get cut. It is especially useful during cutting cycles due to the fact that muscle breakdown can occur during long cardio sessions. The body can start to breakdown actual muscle tissue to use as energy. Supplementing with glutamine during these sessions will help to preserve your muscle tissue while still burning fat. Scroll to the bottom to find my favorite online stores to buy supplements online at (including Glutamine of course)!

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General Glutamine Information

Buy GlutamineGlutamine is also great for improving your body’s immune system and recovering from tremendous amounts of physical and even the mental stress that may accompany it. During intense exercise wether it be heavy lifting or long cardio sessions, you are putting your muscles and your body through an excessive amount of stress. This stress, which can also occur while dealing with an injury, releases higher levels of the hormone cortisol. This release of cortisol causes a decrease in glutamine levels in your body. If glutamine levels are not restores to sufficient levels, illness may occur. Glutamine is also considered a semi-essential amino acid due to the fact that under normal circumstances the body should be able to efficiently produce enough glutamine, but if the body is put under enough stress supplementation may be necessary.

Some other main functions of Glutamine are the transportation of nitrogen molecules to muscle tissue, gastrointestinal function, and although glutamine is great for recovering from a workout it has also been shown to help recovery from surgery. Healthy functioning of the brain can also depend on wether your glutamine levels are sufficient or not. In short, Glutamine can be very beneficial to alot of people of supplemented properly, which includes eating right and having a solid exercise routine.

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