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Branch Chain Amino Acids, better known as BCAAs are essential for anyone who is serious about they’re fitness and health. Usually overlooked by many people, a lot of them have heard of BCAAs but don’t know why they should take them. Wether you’re looking to build muscle or burn fat, branch chain amino acids will go a long way in helping you reach and maintain your goal and should be a staple in any fitness program. Please buy supplements online, including your BCAA supplements to save yourself a lot of money!

Best Supplement Stores Online

Below are my two favorite stores for buying BCAA supplements online – check them out:

#1 – BodyBuilding.com

BodyBuilding.com is a well known company that has been around for many years. In fact, BodyBuilding.com has announced that they have shipped over 6 Million orders to date! They have hundreds of thousands of loyal visitors who keep going back to buy their supplements in their store because they offer such a great online purchasing experience. You will find weekly deals and coupons for a variety of different brands which will save you even more money from their already extremely low prices!

#2 – MuscleandStrength.com

Muscle and Strength is quickly gaining grounds on BodyBuilding.com as they match their fast delivery of the supplements, and also have very low prices. My favorite part of visiting Muscle and Strength to purchase my sports supplements is that I always seem to come across one or two very well written and informative workout related articles – they have great writers that’s for sure. You will receive free shipping on orders over $99 when buying your supplements, which is a very nice bonus. Check them out and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

BCAA Supplement Product Reviews:

Elite Recoup Review (8 out of 10)
Purple Psyko Review (9 out of 10)
Purple Wraath Review (8.5 out of 10)

General BCAA Information

Amino acids can be split into two groups, essential and non-essential. Non-essential amino acids can be naturally produced by the body; essential amino acids on the other hand need to be obtained through other sources such as through whole foods or supplements. Leucine, Isoleucine and valine are three main essential amino acids that will help you build muscle, these are BCAAs.

BCAA OnlineTaking BCAAs before and after your workout will benefit you in multiple ways. Preventing breakdown of muscle tissue, accelerating recovery time, stimulating insulin production, increased energy, exercise performance and even a stronger immune system are the main benefits. Supplementation of BCAAs will spare muscle tissue from being broken down during and after workouts. BCAAs are the building blocks of protein, and in turn are building blocks of muscle tissue growth. Studies have shown that chronic intake of BCAAs can even increase protein synthesis. In addition they can also be burned directly sparing your muscle tissue from overtraining and fatigue, especially useful when doing extensive cardio sessions. Lots of people bump up their cardio routine when trying to burn fat; this can unintentionally result in loss of muscle mass. Supplementing with BCAAs for long cardio sessions wether it be the treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical will increase your performance and stop the breakdown of your muscles.

A good dosage for beginners- intermediate would be about 4-8 grams before and after your workout and up to 12 grams a serving for more advanced athletes and bodybuilders. They are best taken at your own discretion based on training intensity and body mass. BCAAs are also very effectively taken gradually throughout your workout. BCAA supplements can be found in both capsule and powder form based on personal preference. There have never been any reported side effects of BCAAs, they have only beneficial effects on the body. Having a sufficient intake of amino acids may be a missing piece to overall well-being .

In short, if you’re looking take that next step in your training or if you feel there’s a missing piece in your regimen you may want to try a Branch Chain Amino Acid supplement. It will prevent muscle breakdown, overtraining fatigue, accelerate your muscle recovery, increase exercise performance and help you live an overall healthy life.

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