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BuySupplementsOnline.org is an information based website specific to sport supplementation. It all began in early August 2011 and has exploded since then. It originally began with two friends both experts in their fields as sort of a “on the side” thing but garnered so much attention from friends, families, students and the public that it turned into much more than that; let me tell you why…

Buying supplements online is the future, period.

It is a win/win for the distributor as well as the consumer as costs are cut from numerous sources making the exact same product you see in the stores much cheaper online.

This is accomplished because online retailers save money by just owning a warehouse filled to the top with all the supplements you could ever think of. Allowing them to keep much more stock than your average store while saving tons of money while their at it. By doing this they cut transportation costs to retail stores, electricity/heating bills at the stores as well as employing much less people to offer the same product. This saves them tons of money and in turn, saves you money as well.

No longer will you be hounded by salesmen being told what you should buy just because that store makes the most profit off of that product or because that is the employee “focus” product of the month.

Which leads me to my next point on why BuySupplementsOnline.org is such a great source…


Even when you visit online supplement stores, what you are reading is strictly advertisements.

So where can we go where we can talk to someone who isn’t trying to sell us something but is offering an educated point of view?


Our website offers up to date information on important ingredients incorporated in many supplement products, but more importantly a complete review section conducted by our supplement expert Dan Garner.

Dan has been in the exercise and supplement industry for years with education and the background to prove it (credentials listed below):

-Graduated with honours on the Dean’s List earning a diploma in Health, Wellness and Fitness (Dipl.)
-Certified BioSignature Practitioner (BioSig)
-Certified Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1)
-Certified PTA Global Training Specialist (PTA-G)
-Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist (SNS)
-Certified TWIST Sport Conditioning Coach (TSCC)
-Certified ViPR Trainer (ViPR-T)
-Black belt in Tae Kwon Do with regional, national and international fighting experience
-Competitive Bodybuilder
-Competitive Power lifter
-Under Armor Combine 360 volunteer
-Years of experience with exercise and nutritional prescription

A journey filled with trial and error on himself and his clients has given him a great deal of knowledge and a much needed marriage between scientific research and overall experience. He breaks down and reviews all of today’s top supplement products and offers his point of view as well as recommendations.

When looking for a solid source of real information on today’s top supplement products, look no further than BuySupplementsOnline.org.

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